Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Critics on Milton

Our self-help sheet is now available on the class documents site.

The secondary material on Milton is - as we have suggested - immense. You can begin to get your bearings here.

But here's a quick run through of some more recent critics that may useful (To say it's an incomplete list is an understatement: I will add to the list when I have the chance):

William Empson, Milton's God
Stanley Fish, Surprised by Sin
Christopher Hill, Milton and the English Revolution
Edward Tayler, Milton's Poetry: Its Development in Time
Marshall Grossman, Authors to Themselves
Stephen Fallon, Milton Among the Philosophers
John Rogers, The Matter of Revolution
Victoria Silver, Imperfect Sense, The Predicament of Milton's Irony
David Loewenstein and James Grantham Turner, Politics, Poetics ad Hermeneutics
Sharon Achinstein, Milton and the Revolutionary Reader

In addition, the MLA bibliography is the best resource for finding critical materials on the issues which are of most interest to you in Milton's work.

I will be available in my office for consultation about paper topics during my office hours.

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